Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Waking up the blog again!

It's been a good long while since my last post. It feels like it's time to pick it up again much more regularly. Someone said that one should think about the balance between how much they consume and how much they produce. The author of if was talking about intellectual stuff. So here I am - reading massive amounts daily, but writing nothing down. It's about to change since I also know that expressing thoughts verbally is good for retention.

Lets start with an awesome post I read this morning - Modern anti-spam and E2E crypto. It talks at length about how Google and other email service providers have waged war with spammers. He also links to a Google blog post that talks about how they decide if you should be asked additional verification upon log in attempt:
In fact, there are more than 120 variables that can factor into how a decision is made.
Talk about feature engineering :)

But how is that all connected to data science? Well, all of it is classification problems, coupled with mostly reinforcement learning. Most of the stuff the guy writes about has probably never seen the light of day - all proprietary magic. Fascinating! :)

Anyways, my evening watch list has been this - videos from ICML2014. Enjoy.

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